AutoProctor SDK

Welcome to the AutoProctor SDK! AutoProctor is an automated tool which ensures that users do not cheat on exams while taking online exams. It tracks their environment and activities using their camera, mic and screen they are sharing. Based on these violations, it calculates a Trust Score and also generates a report of the violations. If you haven't already, try out our demo test.

With our Javascript SDK, you can enable AutoProctor on your own site 😃. The following guide will help you to achieve that. So let's get started?


We suggest you follow these steps to finish the integration. We highly recommend you follow the steps in this order to ensure the integration's success.

  1. Take the demo test on our website. You won't see any code, but you get to experience how AutoProctor works
  2. Try out our Playground. This shows you the code needed to run AutoProctor. Your implementation will be very similar to this
  3. Visit our developer portal to register and get your Client ID and Secret emailed to you
  4. Copy the code from our Playground onto your local environment. Switch out our test key pair with the key pair you generated and see AutoProctor work out of the box


When your demo credits run out, you need to purchase an Elite Subscription to continue usage. The details are on the Pricing Page. Broadly, the Pricing Model is that you pre-pay a monthly/quarterly subscription fee and get a fixed number of credits for that period. If you run out of credits, you can top-up as many as you need at any time during the active subscription.